OC Sunsets: Downtown Fullerton 

So it’s 8 o’clock and your evening plans to drive an hour out to some concert fell through…nothing says a laid-back night (cuz let’s face it, you can’t hang anymore) like downtown Fullerton.
If you’re willing to brave sporadic traffic on the 57, the trip to downtown Fullerton is well worth those few extra moments of road rage.
First of all, there’s free and abundant parking. Not to mention like 10 bars in walking distance. Though, if you’re planning to hit all 10 you should probably Uber…
Visit every third Thursday of the month for an out door farmer’s market with local produce and live music.
If clubs aren’t your thing anymore stop by Matador Cantina for drinks and a lively but mature crowd.
Grab a pick-me-up from Night Owl Cafe (they actually offer hemp milk as a sub!!).
If you’re feeling spendy stop by Roadkill Ranch for a rockabilly inspired dress or your next Coachella wardrobe.
And best all, pick up an animal cracker donut from Zombee Donuts on your way in or out.

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