Desert Rose: Top Picks for Palm Springs

There’s nothing better in SoCal than a relaxing weekend in Palm Springs. After spending significant time visiting this former Hollywood hotspot, here are my top picks.

Stay – The Saguaro

Hotel, pool, and spa in one, The Saguaro is there for all your relaxation needs. This retro-inspired resort hosts lit pool parties on the weekend that put Vegas to shame. They also offer daily yoga for hotel guests, a full spa menu, and amazing gym on site. Best of all, they have a vintage Barbie display that’s more sought after than any work of art.

Play – Morongo Casino

Palm Springs would be nothing if you didn’t stop at Morongo on your way in…or out. This resort and casino has great plays for gamblers, and a crazy mall of outlets. Their buffet is one of the best in the area.

Eat – Palm Greens Cafe

If casino buffets aren’t your thing, try your luck at a heathier location. Palm Greens Cafe is a local spot loaded with vegan and macrobiotic options (think Thai/Indian inspiration). With not a tourist in site, you’ll be eating with Palm Springs’ best and healthiest crowd. 

See – Palm Springs Air Museum

Adjacent to the airport is a great air museum with retro F15s chilling outdoors. When shopping and lounging gets boring, refresh your brain with some military and aircraft facts while taking selfies with fighter jets.

Drink – Tonga Hut

A weekend holiday wouldn’t be complete without a tiki bar. This cute drinking space is in the heart of downtown Palm Springs and is one of the few acceptable bars for millennials in the area. 

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