Girls Trip to MiamiĀ 

We all need a weekend getaway…from work, school, or just life in general.

My friends and I decided to hop on a plane to Miami last weekend and even though I’ve been there a few times, the 305 never runs out of places to offer.

After a rough red eye plane ride where a passenger passed out on the floor next to me, we took off right away to breakfast at Waffle House, a Southern Chain with some of the best grits I’ve ever had.

The rest of our first day was spent on the beach and checking into our Air B & B in the design district.

Our second day was when things got wild and cultural.

We started out at a fab and reasonably priced Puerto Rican restaurant called El Bajareque (having been to PR I can vogue for the authenticity.

Next we went to the cultural areas of Little Haiti and Little Havana, experiencing two very different sub communities that give Miami its Caribbean and Latin American flair. We sampled a ginger papaya drink from a generous Haitian shop owner in Little Haiti and ate chili chocolate with Cuban espresso at an art gallery in Little Havana.

Finally we ended our time at El Patio Wynwood, a Latin hipster bar and club in a district of warehouse venues reminiscing downtown LA. 

After a bottle of a Colombian-Arak I was done for the night and the weekend (had a flight out the next day) but I’ll forever look forward to future Miami adventures.