Roaming in Reykjavik 

I won’t venture to say that Reykjavik was my favorite destination, at least not following a weekend in Miami and another in Portland before this departure…but anywhere can be a new experience.

If you find yourself in the area braving the cold winter, Game of Thrones style, here are some cool places to stay warm.

1. Konar Restaurant

Dine on fresh fish with an ocean view at the old harbor.

Picks: Icelandic Ceviche, Cod Tongues (the complimentary smoked lamb is pretty good too)

2. The Phallological Museum

Can’t get enough penis? This is the place for you. I think even Samantha from Sex and the City would be satiated. 

But seriously the collection of mammal, er specimens, is pretty educational.

3. The American Bar

Friday night looking glum? Go wild at the American Bar and listen to all the top hits in the US, and Iceland while the crowd gets wild.

This bar is a vast juxtaposition from the next-door “British pub” as well as the Irish bar across the street.

(You’ll know you’re in the right place because Uncle Sam is outside to greet you and steal your tax dollars)

4. The Blue Lagoon

Almost entirely filled with tourists from all over the world, this man-made lagoon is destined to calm your inner chill.

5. The Reykjavik Spa at the Grand Hotel Reykjavik

First of all just skip everything else and stay at this hotel. While you’re there make sure to book a massage or facial with the amazing masseuses and estheticians. Located discreetly on the bottom floor of the hotel, this high-end facility is equipped with a jacuzzi, steam room, and infrared sauna as well as various quiet areas for designated naps between services. (Try to avoid the mob of Russian tourists though who keep saying things that sound like “borscht” in the nap room)