My Favorite Latinx Brands

A few weeks ago my brand @themacandcheeseeffect was featured on a ShopLatinx.

In honor of the work they do, I decided to compile a list of my top five favorite Latinx brands.


  1. Bella Dona – because I’m always in need of a Virgen or Mazapan inspired sweatshirt, Bella Dona is here for my Chicana needs. Keeping up with the best of us in East LA, their Instagram page @belladonala features real life Latinx models and all kinds of other cool inspiration and products. Shop the line at                                                                                     
  2. Mujerista Market – filled with La Virgen products and Rosaries, this handmade line satisfies everything I like to see. Their IG also features cool local real models from across the gender spectrum and breaks fashion and lifestyle barriers. Visit their instagram @mujeristamarket or buy directly at 1154790-r2-010-3a
  3. Mesheeka Brand – as a native San Diegan, I am so onboard with this local art and clothing shop that doubles as a cafe in a converted house in our very own Barrio Logan. My fav products are the trucker hats with striped traditional Mexican print brims and Frida caricature shirts. Check out more styles @mesheekabrand or shop Mesheeka Hoodie Pullover
  4. Oh Comadre – it’s the US where you can get Thai tea flavored ice cream, margarita flavored cupcakes, and pan dulce scented candles. If the latter appeals to you, try your luck at where their scents aren’t limited to your usual vanillas and tropical breezes, rather they transcend your deepest appetites for things like Pan Dulce, Horchata, and Cotton Candy. Follow them for more cute and appetizing candle pics at @ohcomadrecandles    Grape 🍇 Soda
  5. Viva La Bonita – If LA chicana is your swag, Viva La Bonita is full of must-have wardrobe choices with T-shirts reading “allergic to pendejas” and mugs saying “cafecito and chill”. This snarky brand will have you wanting every item from their online store Follow @vivalabonita for cool updates and new products              MEXICAN PROVERB WHITE T-SHIRT