Internationalistic in Ireland

Internationalistic in Ireland

So I had the opportunity to cross one off my bucket list this year and spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin…. the St. Patrick’s capital of the world.

***side note: I loved Ireland so much I ended up back the next month

If you want an authentic experience here are some of my suggestions, for the record.

1. The Church

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a church… anymore. Formerly St. Mary’s church, this converted building is now a thriving three story venue with a poppin’ nightclub in the basement, a bar on the ground floor and an elegant restaurant on top. The structure is complete with a Renatus Harris organ and stained glass windows. Closed in 1964, it was repurchased in 1997 after laying stagnant for many years and started its conversion process to the masterpiece it is today.

2. Murray’s

This two story bar is an authentic local joint devoid of the tourists on the other side of the river. For St. Patrick’s weekend they were equipped with nightly Irish bands and packed with people of all ages.

3. Amir’s Delight’s

I visited this late-night hookah and dessert spot on my second trip in April. As a shisha fiend and middle eastern, uh…connoisseur, I had to try a local spot. The owner was very friendly and even gave complementary baklava and namoura with the shisha order. The location is tucked on a hipster side street near downtown, equipped with a modern street art rendition of the last supper, reflecting immigrant diversity.

4. The Hilton Dublin Airport

Not only is this my go-to hotel spot, but their bar and restaurant is vast and superb and features evening singers in the spirit of Michael Bublé, hot bartenders, and gastronomic delights.

Dublin is definitely my new Las Vegas 😉