Hungary: My favorite restaurants in Budapest [you can thank me later ;)]

I speak to tourists and other visitors on almost a daily basis and I get the common question “where should I go to eat?”

Because food is a priority when experiencing a new location, I decided to make a list of my top five choices in the gastronomical department.

You may find this list helpful whether you’re living in Budapest or planning a trip in the not-so-distant future.

1. Spoon the Boat

This stationary boat is a great alternative to dinner cuises on the Danube. To be honest, the food on those cruises is garbage, so save yourself the effort and take a bite from Spoon. The menu is extensive, and in the summer time, the top deck is open to diners, giving patrons the open-air feeling of floating on the Danube to fully enjoy the views of Buda Castle and the various bridges.

Reservations recommended during high season

Appetizer choice: Mango and Avocado Salad

Dinner pick: Salmon Steak and Tiger Prawns

Wine selection: Tuzk Birtok premium Merlot

1052 Budapest, Vigado Ter 3-as kikito +36-1-411-0933


2. Icon

Located in the Buda Castle district in the prestigious Hilton Hotel, this restaurant has one of the best dining views in Budapest (since Citadella Panorama closed, unfortunately). Although elegant, any dress code is acceptable as tourists and hotel guests trapse through at any given occasion. Ask in advance for a window seat.

Appetizer choice: Grilled garden Vegetables and Salads with Humus and Tokaj wine-raspberry vinagrette

Dinner pick: Salmon Steak on Spinach Bed, yoghurt sauce

Wine selection: Villany Merlot

Budapest 1014, Hess Andras ter 1-3

+36 1 889 67 57


3. Jaimie’s Italian Restaurant

I know, I know, everyone hates Jaimie’s worldwide and some of the other Zsido holding group  restaurants in Budapest, but I have to say I constantly crave the offerings at this location. Unlike some other Italian restaurants, this one is more stylized similar to the US but they have a unique selection of fusion dishes. Also located in the Buda Castle District, Jaimie’s can offer a quaint option after sightseeing.

Appetizer choice: World’s Best Olives on ice; Crispy Polent Chips

Lunch/Dinner pick: Classic Superfood Salad

Cocktail Selection: Caipirinha

1014 Budapest, Szentháromság utca 9-11


4. Hachapuri Restaurant

….because when have you tried Georgian food? (the Eastern European country, not to be mistaken with the US city)

This cute ethnic restaurant on Budapest’s boujee Andrassy utca is filled with friendly staff, warm decorations, and deliciously spiced food. Like, the kind of spices that have no English name.

Appetizer choice: Veggie Degustation Menu- Includes Mushroom stew, eggplant stew, eggplant salad, variegated beans with marinated paprika, tomato cucumber salad with yogurt sauce, georgian bread-tonis puri, steamed basmati rice or couscous


Glekhuri – Country Side Selection

Spinach and walnut, beetroot and walnut, eggplant blended with homemade herb mayonaise and chicken salad blended in light herb sauce. Served with tomato-cucumber salad, Lavash bread, cheese and various herbs

Dinner pick: Lobio – Red beans with selection of marinates and corn bread, served in traditional clay pot

Wine selection: Saperavi Cabernet

Budapest 1061, Andrassy Utca 3

+36 30 822 03 65

5. Japanika

Last, but not least, Japanika. I would eat here everyday of my life if calories and salt weren’t such a diet spoiler.

This sushi chain originated in Israel and blends typical Japanese cuisine with western options, and also features some typical Chinese and Thai food on their lengthy (and heavy) menus.

Maneuver your chopsticks while sitting with a view of Hungary’s magnanimous St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Appetizer choice: Edamame (quel surprise)

Dinner pick(s): Avocado Maki, Special Veggie, Unagi

Drink Selection: Hot Sake (house)

Budapest 1051, Szent Istvan Ter 11